Sean Continuum x School Visual Arts NYC

Here at Loveblood Creative, we embrace how technology is redefining art in strange, new ways. Art and tech have become more intertwined than ever before, whether it’s through providing new ways to mix different types of media, allowing more human interaction or simply making the process of creating it easier.
Loveblood VR artist Sean Rodrigo (a.k.a. Continuum) recently traveled to New York, to present his lecture “Dreaming With Your Eyes Open, Virtual Worlds in Physical Spaces," to a keen bunch of XR enthusiasts & artists at the acclaimed School of Visual Art in NYC.

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That’s right folk we are welcoming ANOTHER artist to the fold. This has been in the offing for some time now and I am delighted to welcome the creative whirlwind that is Chloe Batchelor! Sticker Bomber, Paste Up Artist, Illustrator, Animator! Chloe’s humorous mix of hand-drawn and vector illustrations evokes her mischievous and fun loving nature in kick ass in technicolour! It is this unrelentingly positive style which has won her wide range of clients , including; Vodafone | Nick. Jnr | M&S | LinkedIn | Google …to name but a few. WELCOME CHLOE BATCHELOOOOOOOOOOOR!!!!


Loveblood is proud to welcome the entrancing talents of Brighton based illustrator Jessica Sharville. Jessica is a visual anthropologist who expresses all forms of culture and counter culture through her figurative muse’s.

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Ely Ely Illustra x Bonafont

This stunning mural of Academy Award nominated Mexican Actor Yalitza Aparicio, is a campaign collaboration by Loveblood Artist Ely Ely Illustra, Osmani and Bonafont ( @bonafontmx ). Commissioned by Mercarte this huge mural celebrating powerful females figures has been 4 years in the making! Worth every second I say!.

Stephen Maurice Graham x Blink 182

The wonderfully weird vision of Loveblood Artist Stephen Maurice Graham has been commissioned by  blink-182 for their Virginia Beach gig & their 20th anniversary tour of Enema of the State! You gotta love it when a band does this kind of thing, it gives the artist a chance to do something a little bit different perhaps, but always pretty cool and I think SMG has done an awesome job.

Big thanks to Mike Krol @SandbagUSA for getting Stephen on board and the band for loving his work. As gig poster go this is a cracker, I hope you agree!

Loveblood Creative - Stephen Maurice Graham -Blink 182
Blink 182 Signing Poster.jpg

Mia Underwood X eConsult: Creating Visual Connections

Mia Underwood has an incredible number of strings to her creative bow: Author, designer, illustrator. This project for eConsult, who provide an online portal where patients can self-check their symptoms and receive on the spot medical advice 24/7, offered an opportunity to collaborate with animation production company, Sheepfilms to bring her work to life.

Commissioned by webGB Mia was invited to design and illustrate eConsult's online and printed marketing tools. Mia’s illustrations help make eConsult's ‘online triage’ system easier for customers to understand.

“I came up with the idea that the patients are droplets entering the triage system, the droplets go through 3 different directions, each landing in safe hands. The hands then transform into a bird, to symbolise the droplet/patient being delivered to the correct consultant.”

This is a beautiful example of how businesses can create a visual and emotionally resonant connection between the audience on the product. What a brilliant result for really beneficial product.


Introducing Rosie Carmichael!

Loveblood is bursting with enthusiasm to introduce the collaging greatness that is Rosie Carmichael. Rosie started her creative journey making zines with her friend Kali when she was 16, so it is no surprise that this ‘cut and paste‘ DIY punk aesthetic (and armed with the knowledge of its Dadaist origins) would travel with her through art school and inform her style. Inspired by science fiction Rosie’s work explores infinite options of composition, scale and colour, digitally to create engaging and cosmic stories. Welcome to the Loveblood Family Rosie!

BICeBé 2019

Loveblood Artist Goyo Rodriguez has been selected in BICeBé 2019, worldwide poster competition. In the category of "Advertising Posters" Goyo has, not 1… but 2 of his works shortlisted for the prize. Bravo Goyo! We hope you win!
This kind of event links designers and artists across the world with the Latin American identity; "Understanding that the value lies in the difference, not in the uniformity. Academically it is class of events they are an unbeatable opportunity for the young students to know that "the great ones" are it by their effort, innovation and perseverance, nothing that does not have a person "normal".

The BICeBé will present the selected posters which can be seen both on their Facebook page and website .

Here are Goyo’s submissions but follow the links to see the full selection….well worth a look. :)