Mia Underwood X eConsult: Creating Visual Connections

Mia Underwood has an incredible number of strings to her creative bow: Author, designer, illustrator. This project for eConsult, who provide an online portal where patients can self-check their symptoms and receive on the spot medical advice 24/7, offered an opportunity to collaborate with animation production company, Sheepfilms to bring her work to life.

Commissioned by webGB Mia was invited to design and illustrate eConsult's online and printed marketing tools. Mia’s illustrations help make eConsult's ‘online triage’ system easier for customers to understand.

“I came up with the idea that the patients are droplets entering the triage system, the droplets go through 3 different directions, each landing in safe hands. The hands then transform into a bird, to symbolise the droplet/patient being delivered to the correct consultant.”

This is a beautiful example of how businesses can create a visual and emotionally resonant connection between the audience on the product. What a brilliant result for really beneficial product.


Introducing Rosie Carmichael!

Loveblood is bursting with enthusiasm to introduce the collaging greatness that is Rosie Carmichael. Rosie started her creative journey making zines with her friend Kali when she was 16, so it is no surprise that this ‘cut and paste‘ DIY punk aesthetic (and armed with the knowledge of its Dadaist origins) would travel with her through art school and inform her style. Inspired by science fiction Rosie’s work explores infinite options of composition, scale and colour, digitally to create engaging and cosmic stories. Welcome to the Loveblood Family Rosie!

BICeBé 2019

Loveblood Artist Goyo Rodriguez has been selected in BICeBé 2019, worldwide poster competition. In the category of "Advertising Posters" Goyo has, not 1… but 2 of his works shortlisted for the prize. Bravo Goyo! We hope you win!
This kind of event links designers and artists across the world with the Latin American identity; "Understanding that the value lies in the difference, not in the uniformity. Academically it is class of events they are an unbeatable opportunity for the young students to know that "the great ones" are it by their effort, innovation and perseverance, nothing that does not have a person "normal".

The BICeBé will present the selected posters which can be seen both on their Facebook page and website .


Here are Goyo’s submissions but follow the links to see the full selection….well worth a look. :)

The English National Opera x Mia Underwood

A recent commission for Loveblood Artist; Mia Underwood for the English National Opera, allowed Mia a rare opportunity to bask in the emotional and immersive glory that live art evokes. The commission to illustrate a stained glass window for their stage set scenery, for their opera show 'Jack The Ripper' by the Senior Production Manager of The English Nation Opera was certainly a wonderful and unique opportunity. Jack the Ripper: The Women of Whitechapel is on from 30th March - 12th April 2019.

The Irish Times Short Graphic Story Comp.

Our very own SMG (aka Stephen Maurice Graham) and seasoned VICE MAG comic contributor participated in the Slice Graphic Short Prize 2019 run by The Comic Lab in partnership with The Irish Times. Stephen’s comic about bring up a child in Northern Ireland in the shadow of Brexit, is a wonderfully potent commentary on fractured identity. Read the full comic HERE



Mel Edwards is more than you average paper cut artist, her 3 dimensional, precision made, paper sculptures are exceptional in their use of colour and top notch styling . What floats Mel’s boat is the versatility of paper and she believes that the material can be used to make almost anything; sets, displays or stop motion animations, advertising, magazines and books… the list is endless. If you have a challenge for Mel then HIT THE BUTTON BELOW and we would love to hear from you!

TVORI Animation Workshop

Tvori is a VR storytelling and animation tool focused on making content creation in VR accessible, so you can test your ideas, create scenes, animate, and make characters come alive all within VR using straightforward, intuitively designed tools. If you missed Sean’s workshop here is your chance to get the highlights and maybe peek your interest for his next workshop. If you want to book Sean for some group workshop then just hit the button below to get in touch!