Parky Life - Alan Alda

Loveblood Creative was honoured last month to be part of the @parkylife_official project thanks to the Havas Lynx / Parky Life Team. They have created a deck of cards, given to newly diagnosed Parkinson’s patients packed full of stories, life hacks and quotes helping people to look on the bright side of Parkinson’s and help them understand their journey living with Parkinson’s. Mat Voyce jumped at the change to illustrate/animate Alan Alda for a card, who despite being diagnosed at 79 continues to do great, great things... MAS*H. The Aviator. West Wing. He acts, he writes, he directs. He wins Golden Globes and Emmys. He’s the creator of the Alda Method®, which is redefining the way scientists communicate. He podcasts on his show @clearandvivid. He really does juggle many jobs. He also juggles...So very proud that this is one of our first projects on our journey and will be offering as much future support as they need. We have Adam Forster, Gus Scott and Elisabetta Calabritto still to come!

Loveblood Creative -Mat Voyce - PARKY_LIFE_ALAN_ALDA_MV__800px.gif