Mia Underwood X eConsult: Creating Visual Connections

Mia Underwood has an incredible number of strings to her creative bow: Author, designer, illustrator. This project for eConsult, who provide an online portal where patients can self-check their symptoms and receive on the spot medical advice 24/7, offered an opportunity to collaborate with animation production company, Sheepfilms to bring her work to life.

Commissioned by webGB Mia was invited to design and illustrate eConsult's online and printed marketing tools. Mia’s illustrations help make eConsult's ‘online triage’ system easier for customers to understand.

“I came up with the idea that the patients are droplets entering the triage system, the droplets go through 3 different directions, each landing in safe hands. The hands then transform into a bird, to symbolise the droplet/patient being delivered to the correct consultant.”

This is a beautiful example of how businesses can create a visual and emotionally resonant connection between the audience on the product. What a brilliant result for really beneficial product.