Sean Continuum x School Visual Arts NYC

Here at Loveblood Creative, we embrace how technology is redefining art in strange, new ways. Art and tech have become more intertwined than ever before, whether it’s through providing new ways to mix different types of media, allowing more human interaction or simply making the process of creating it easier.
Loveblood resident VR artist Sean Rodrigo (a.k.a. Continuum) recently traveled to New York, New York, to present his lecture “Dreaming With Your Eyes Open, Virtual Worlds in Physical Spaces," to a keen bunch of XR enthusiasts & artists at the acclaimed School of Visual Art in NYC.

“Virtual reality is like dreaming with your eyes open,” says Sean whose current work specializes in using VR to design, paint and animate in a completely virtual environment. His current work ranges from live-painted VR installation to designing prototype products & VR storyboards in super-fast timeframes – sometimes mixing technology with traditional tools such as augmented reality, spacial computing, 3D scanning, motion capture and interactive realtime.