Sean is a Virtual Reality Artist and Educator. With a background in film, Sean has embraced this new art form to creatively connect and tell stories.

VR is not just the buzz-acronym of the moment, VR has propelled the art creation process into unexpected directions, allowing artists to create in 3 dimensions. As a VR artist Sean works closely with organisations, creative businesses and at events to interact with the audience and enable him, and them, to create in a completely new and exciting way.

Creating a new sense of space and dimension can solve creative conundrums.

Using VR software like Gravity Sketch, Google Tiltbrush, Masterpiece & Blocks Sean can help you visualise in 3 dimensions your ideal home, even walk around it! Or paint your dream dress/suit in the air in minutes, 3D scan your staff and create virtual reality training simulations or impress audiences at your event with a VR live painting installation.

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