Francesca Colombara

Step into the captivating world of Francesca Colombara and her 2D animation wonderland. With mesmerizing music videos, enchanting commercials, and experimental short films, Francesca's creative prowess knows no bounds.

Collaborating with industry big-hitters like Giphy and FX Cake. Francesca weaves spellbinding stories. Their graphic novel "Panic!" published by Centrala, tells the story  of Diego and Viola, in a little flat in the suburbs of Bologna during the three months quarantine.

Her music videos, including "MARTE" and "I Gotta Cry," have garnered international festival acclaim. Winning the animation residence at Corto Lovere Film Fest and securing a spot at the "NU'VEM" artist residency on Pico Island are just a glimpse of their creative journey.

For Francesca, imagination reigns supreme, and art comes to life in breathtaking ways. Get ready for an adventure where dreams unfold and creativity knows no limits.

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